Water Treatment Plant, Mount Crosby, Qld

Location: Mt Crosby, Qld
BMD Constructions
Services: Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos Remediation
Value: $1.3 Million
Duration: 29/04/2020-20/05/2020

Project Details

Aztech Services were engaged to assist BMD and SEQ Water with the remediation of asbestos containing materials within expansion and construction joints at the site, as part a major filter upgrade to the Water Treatment Plant.

Prior to the new epoxy application, Aztech Services was responsible for removing the previously identified friable asbestos woven rope material within the joints, that was further covered with a non-friable bituminous membrane.

Aztech Services established fully contained friable asbestos removal work area equipped with wet decontamination shower units and placed under negative pressure.

To date, all work fronts have achieved successful visual clearance inspections, with the onsite Licensed Asbestos Assessor reporting zero elevated airborne fibre readings.

Project Facts
  • Over 3,750 lineal metres of asbestos rope and mastic removed to date
  • Over 9,000 square metres of concrete decontaminated
  • Remediation completed with up to 20 technicians on site daily
  • Over 8,500 work hours with zero lTIS
  • Assisted the client with bringing in project program.
What Our Clients Say

“Aztech Services Australia have delivered efficient and cost effective asbestos remediation solutions for BMD Construction at Mt Crosby Water Treatment Plant since early 2020. As industry leaders they constantly strive for quality in their work and put thought into every step of the remediation process. They have assembled a strong team of in-house and field personnel and have systems in place for the successful completion of their projects. They have extensive capacity to problem-solve and are committed to attaining the highest quality of work, ensuring compliance to all legislative requirements. The customer focus at Aztech Services is the corner-stone of the business.

BMD Constructions

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