Hazardous Materials Specialists Services

We are the hazardous materials remediation specialists you can rely on.

We work with some of Australia’s largest contractors across industries such as industrial, defence, and education. This includes assisting with a wide range of hazardous material remediation at various stages, including before demolition, during development and refit.

Our Hazardous Materials services include the remediation of PFAS, PFOS, hexavalent chromium, hydrocarbons, mercury, bird faeces, biological waste, pharmaceutical products, heavy metals, meth labs and other pollutants.

We’ve been operating in the hazardous space since 2008 and have a strong portfolio of successfully completed remediation projects. Our team are well versed with the different level of requirements and expectations necessary to deliver all types of hazardous material remediation projects.

Over time we have developed unique operational systems and methods to ensure these projects are delivered to the highest standard.

All Aztech technicians undergo comprehensive medical monitoring, including blood tests, spirometry and a range of other tests.
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