Hazardous Materials Demolition & Strip-Out

High risk work requires the attention of an experienced team. We understand that large-scale demolition and strip-out projects can be extremely complex. They require careful pre-planning, professional execution, and safe systems of work.

We are licensed to carry out demolition throughout most of Australia with a large team of experienced demolition supervisors and project managers.

Our services cover Industrial and commercial demolition, and strip-out works. We also can complete emergency demolition projects, including those with asbestos.

We treat every project with a high level of attention from method development to safe execution. Our experienced team can deliver in all sectors including residential, commercial and industrial demolition projects.

It’s well known that demolition and hazardous materials come hand in hand, when conducting demolition, we are continuously faced with hazardous materials such as lead, silica, mould and asbestos.

With access to Australia’s largest Hazardous Materials team and like-minded demolition personnel, we can deliver hazardous materials remediation and demolition concurrently, mitigating risk and increasing productivity whilst keeping our people safe. It’s this advantage that sets Aztech Services ahead of the rest.

Products containing asbestos can be found in many different forms and locations – sometimes in the most inconspicuous areas.
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