Silica Dust Removal & Management

Encountered silica dust? Controlling silica dust is crucial to ensuring a safe environment and preventing health complications.

Persons conducting business, undertaking (PCBUs – employers) or duty holders, need to implement control measures to eliminate or minimise generating silica dust in the workplace – and we can ensure you meet these regulatory obligations. 

Silica dust and HazMat remediation projects demand time management, extensive planning, communication, and attention to detail. As leaders in the HazMat services industry, our strategic solutions ensure work schedules can continue and the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

By allocating a dedicated team of highly-skilled project managers and technicians to your project, we can effectively plan and execute silica dust removal and remediation works while satisfying all expectations and preventing exposure to silica dust particles.

By following correct processes and procedures, we keep people safe from contamination and exposures, ensuring project continuation.
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