Garfield-on The Beach, Surfers Paradise, Qld

Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD
Services: Asbestos remediation
Value: $1.1 Million
Duration: May – August 2022

Project Details

Recently we completed asbestos remediation works at the 10-storey apartment complex, Garfield – on The Beach, in the heart of the Gold Coast. Carefully planned sequencing of works allowed Demex to follow closely behind our works with the safe demolition of the structure.

The project highlight was the encapsulation of the entire rooftop, which was necessary to remove 400m2 of the asbestos waterproofing membrane under friable conditions. Constructing a complex, airtight enclosure at such heights, exposed to the elements presented many challenges that our team had to overcome. They did so through clever construction design, quick thinking, determination, and teamwork.  

The Surfers Paradise project ran for three months, requiring innovative, adaptive, and collaborative measures to achieve successful completion within the agreed program. Involving over 8,000 Aztech labour hours, we extend a special thanks to our team and the rigorous systems and procedures that support them in challenging work like this.

The remediation and demolition are making way for a luxury coastline apartment building development by Sammut Group.

Project Facts
  • 10-storey apartment complex, Garfield – on The Beach.
  • 8,000 Aztech labour hours.
  • 400m2 of the asbestos waterproofing membrane under friable conditions.

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