Government Building, Yarralumla, ACT

Location: Commonwealth Drive, Yarralumla, ACT
Service: Hail damaged asbestos remediation
Value: $80,000
Duration: May – June 2022

Project Details

Recently completed in June, our ACT crew worked alongside local Canberra company, Manteena, on a Government building in Yarralumla. This building required hail damage remediation to the estimated project value of just over $80k. 

The building roof was found to contain asbestos in the vaporproof barrier and in the cement sunshade louvers during the initial damage removal process. The damage effected bespoke hand-pressed copper panels that were dented in the devastating 2020 hailstorm.

Aztech Services Australia remediated all asbestos contaminated areas and materials by ensuring a detailed asbestos removal control plan was in place.

Overseeing this project, ACT Manager – Justin Azcune, and his team abided by the client’s strict instructions to ensure all copper panels and materials were not disposed of as asbestos waste but decontaminated and fit for recycling.

This -2° winter project was carried-out successfully amidst the national election week, within 400 meters of Parliament House. All copper and materials were decontaminated and recycled successfully.

Manteena Project Manager, Dylan Paraga, and our Project Manager, Joseph McNeill, have a strong focus on safety and attention to detail, making for a successful partnership between all Manteena employees and Aztech Services Australia Asbestos Technicians.

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