Sir Joseph Banks Drive, Botany, NSW

Location: Botany, NSW
Creative Resolution
Services: Asbestos Remediation
Value: $3.4 Million
10 weeks

Project Details

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney, Aztech Services Australia teamed up with Creative Resolution to remediate a decommissioned industrial site in Botany.

The concrete slabs, footings and foundations were all contaminated with fragments of asbestos. Over 11,600 tons of concrete, bitumen, soil and building materials were removed from the site under asbestos controls. Extensive sheet piling was installed throughout the site to protect neighbouring properties.

The depth of contamination and its removal resulted in the water table being penetrated in places leading to flooding of the site in several areas. This was controlled by refilling with virgin material to allow work to continue.

After 10 weeks of hard work, including specialist excavation and arborists teams, cartage and landfill disposal, site management, daily air monitoring, progressive soil testing, site meetings and progress reports, the Botany site was declared asbestos free – delivered within budget, and on schedule.

Project Facts
  • 366 truck and dog movements.
  • 1272 tonnes of concrete machinery foundations were recycled.
  • 44 individual concrete foundations varying in size were removed, largest at 24 tonne.
  • 1 driver tested positive for Covid-19 with only 1.5 days lost.
  • Zero incidents – no LTIs/MTIs.

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